Driver's license

It has to be valid. It can be International, from the country of origin or residence.

Credit card

It can be own or of a third party. Remember you must be present when the contract is signed.

ID or Passport

You must present your ID or Passport to prove your identity when you sign the contract.

Minimum age

Being older than twenty-one (21) years of age is an essential requirement to rent a car. Without exception.

Smoke free

In our vehicles, smoking is prohibited.
Respect others and avoid being sanctioned.

Rental conditions:

Minimum rental duration 24 hours, with 1 (one) hour tolerance for return, after the tolerance time will be charged ½ day rental. After 4 hours, a full rental day will be charged.

The vehicle is delivered clean and with fuel, so the return must be made in the same way. Otherwise, the refueling and / or washing will be charged at the price set by Mundo Car Rent a Car - Car rental.

The confirmed reservations will be taken care of with the vehicle requested in the same, if there is no availability or in cases of force majeure it will be replaced by a vehicle with greater benefits.

In case of theft, theft, fire and / or collision, the customer must notify Mundo Car Rent a Car - Car rental as soon as possible and make a police report within a period not exceeding 48 hours. of the fact happened.

In case of losing the documentation of the automobile, the amount of 10 days of use of the automobile must be paid, as a result of the loss due to renewal of documentation. The daily value is calculated according to the total value of the rental contract.

The rented vehicle can only be driven by the owner or the additional drivers that appear in the rental contract.

No reservation request is valid without the confirmation of Mundo Car Rent a Car - Car rental.

Once the delivery time of the car has elapsed, the reservation will be maintained for an additional hour, after this period the reservation is canceled and the cancellation penalty will have to be paid.

The return of the vehicle in another location, city, province or destination other than the one that appears in the rental contract, will imply paying the charge of the Return Rate.

If you committed a traffic violation during the rental period. World Car Rent a Car - Car rental will directly pay the fine and inform the driver's name to the corresponding agencies and subsequently, the fine will be charged to the customer with an increase of 20% in administrative costs.

The cancellation of a confirmed reservation will have a penalty of 20% of the rental value.

Additional Charges:

Simple washing: 30$

Upholstery cleaning: 100$

Penalty for smoking inside the vehicle: 200$

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